“Get Summer Fit” 8 Week Challenge


The ‘Get Summer Fit’ 8 Week ChallengeGood #1 - smaller incorporates unlimited training sessions, nutrition guidelines, food & detox supplementation (some packs)and lifestyle protocols that encourage the production of hormones that promote lean muscle mass retention and fat burning.

This program leaves no stone unturned. Our challenge is based upon scientific principles and is personalised to your unique body, situation, and hormonal profile. And best of all; it works for men and women of all ages, regardless of fitness level, size, and nutritional background.


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Transform Your Body in Only 8 weeks!


Are you fed up with the image you see in the mirror and feel like you’ve tried it all?


When it comes to ‘dieting’, there are many plans out there only to produce short term results making it impossible to implement a realistic nutrition plan and maintain the results for longer than a few months.


This undeniably hurts your confidence levels, in both yourself and future programs.


The truth is; everyone struggles sticking to their routine, but don’t sweat it, that’s what we are here for.


The key is to immediately get back on board as soon as you realise you’ve messed up. Just pick it up and keep going, and we’ll help you along the way.


We, at Paddington Personal Training, are the leaders in group classes, catering to all fitness levels. We’ll have you burning calories, getting lean, and gaining muscle whilst under strict supervision from our expert coaches!


We’re here to help you to develop consistency in following your diet and exercise regimen with one-on-one support throughout the entire program.


You will not only transform the way you look, but also how you feel and the way you think about food. We help guide you and push you to your full potential.


Our Philosophy:


#1 “The atmosphere you create will determine the product you produce”

Before we get to the fat blasting, nutrition and training methods, a crucial component to The ‘Get Summer Fit’ 8 Week Challenge’s success is the atmosphere it creates.

You become part of a goal driven team, the results will almost happen themselves when a group of people, all striving to achieve a leaner, healthier, and stronger physique band together towards a common purpose..

The ‘Get Summer Fit’ 8 Week Challenge creates a unique atmosphere that gives you a focus and gets you in the right mindset that enables you to achieve the results you desire and deserve.


#2 The Importance of Quality Nutrition

The key is to implement a nutrition plan that is maintainable for life – so you don’t become a Yo-Yo dieter.

Our Platinum pack for our 8 week challengers plan provides you with the exact nutrition so you know how to eat and stay satisfied throughout the day. At the same time you improve your health, promote fat burning and maintain lean muscle!

Don’t be scared about never eating tasty food again, you’ll find healthy food tastes great once you start and you’ll be able to have that cheat meal on Sunday’s anyway!


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#3 Optimal Training Methods

The ‘Get Summer Fit’ 8 Week Challenge builds muscle and melts the fat off your body!
And truly, there is no workout that can burn more calories than a healthy Resting Metabolic Rate. Our training methods let you burn off fat while you’re resting much more than what you burn when you’re working out.

So if you’d like to burn fat whilst you sleep, then this program is the right one for you! That’s why our training and nutrition program are designed to have you burning calories all day, even when you are “at rest”.

We utilise top of the line methods to give you great shape, muscle balance (reduces injury and chronic pain i.e back/neck/knee), and a higher level of fitness.

Most importantly we teach you how to do all this for yourself.


#4 Your Hormones

Your hormones have a huge say in whether you stay overweight or look and feel amazing, no matter how hard you train or how healthy you eat.

The good news is – we’ll develop your training, diet and supplementation specifically for your body, saving you months/years of trial and error.

We design everything from the ground up, just for you.
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Benefits of Our Ultimate 8 Week Transformation Program:

  • We provide the motivation and guidance you need to transform your body and life
  • Simplify healthy eating
  • Change your fitness habits for the next 50-100 years of your life
  • Supercharge your healthy hormones through nutrition and exercise
  • Varied session times during the week to cater to all persons.
  • For a full rundown of the timetable head to http://paddingtonpt.com.au/timetable


All you need to bring is your effort and commitment.

We take care of everything else including challenges, tasks, and education to develop strong, fit, and healthy BODIES.

Thousands of real people, just like you, have achieved extraordinary physique & health results with our program. So why can’t you?

No other program even compares to our “Get Summer Fit” 8 Week Challenge – nowhere else will you find better value or achieve better results. So, if you’re serious about achieving results, we’re serious about helping you. And we promise you this – stick to the plan and in only 8 weeks you’ll have a leaner, healthier, better shaped you, with energy you haven’t felt for years.
In fact, We Guarantee It!


So, How Do I Get Started?


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Don’t let another day go by where you wish things could be different. The tools are all here, all you need to do is commit and work for the health you’ve always wanted!


And Remember!

The # 1 challenge rule is “No Excuses!”


You are not going to achieve your goals with words and effort that start with ‘kinda, sorta, I’ll try’ wanting it. For the 8 weeks you must be fully committed. Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone. Only then will you learn what you are truly capable of.


Living your full potential is extremely liberating, and there is truly no better feeling than making progress with your fitness and nutrition every week. We guarantee once you get momentum it’ll get so much easier.


To succeed in losing weight and gaining muscle you need:


1. A proven training and nutrition plan that gets results – fast!
2. Commitment!
3. Support and a positive, encouraging environment


You bring the commitment, and we’ll bring the rest!


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