Fitness Boot CampA Fitness Boot Camp is THE perfect way to kick-start a fitness regime.


The Paddington Health and Fitness Boot camp provides a simple and fun way to kick start your fitness regime. Our boot camp training program will help you to lose kilos fast and feel fantastic. You will also begin to release more endorphins’ which in turn makes you feel more energetic. These types of changes happen very quickly, the weight loss then follows.

We focus on creating a positive environment and that’s why we’re one of the best reviewed fitness boot camps in Brisbane. We have two rules. Firstly is safety. Secondly, we bring our best to each session. We make realistic goals and then achieve them.

Our exercise classes have no age boundaries and we welcome all fitness levels to attend. We change the routine every session too, so you don’t end up doing the same boring old exercises every workout. Because of these new ideas your body won’t be doing the same thing session after session. This helps to ensure our boot camps deliver you fitness, fat loss and muscle toning in an exciting and innovative way.

By participating in our fitness boot camp, you’ll also discover astonishing results really can be yours. It’s time you begin building your strength and fitness.

Our group training sessions are great value for money too. To kick starting your boot camp training fitness journey today, then come to the best in the business. Your first session is on us. That way you will have complete confidence in our expert team of body transformation specialists.

Nobody should ever feel left out either. Our team accepts ALL Fitness levels. We train desk jockeys, overweight people, the gay community, teenagers and high level sports’ competitors.

For more information and to reserve your spot on our Fitness Boot Camp, please call 07 3876 4781. Or you can view our timetable and sign up directly to one of our exercise classes.