Personal TrainingLet Us Show You How To Get Fit & Have Fun With Our Innovative Training Programs!

1-on-1 Personal Training

Our 1-1 personal training programs will always begin with a full postural appraisal. Here we will determine your body’s best positioning and ranges of motion. This is to help us evaluate your strengths and weaknesses so that we can formulate the best course of action for your progressive training regime.

By understanding how your body is currently working, what it will take to achieve the goals you desire, all the while helping to ensure risk of injury is minimal, is a recipe we have used with great success.

Personalised and Private Training Sessions ensure that your goals are met in the most efficient way possible. This approach will provide you with a dedicated training routine both at the studio and at home (or the gym if you want to do extra).

To ensure your success, the key is to invest in a coach every step of the way that doesn’t put up with your excuses. Personal Training (1-1) sessions are available for either 1 hour, or 30 minute appointments.

1 on 2 Personal Training (Buddy up sessions!)

Like our 1-1 Personal Training sessions, 1 on 2 sessions are an excellent way to train at Paddington PT for great fitness results! If you and your partner (or friend!) are looking for a way to get the best training and education all at a reduced rate then teaming up is a great way to go.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding personal training programs. Our ultimate aim is for everyone to find a personal trainer that can cater for needs and deliver quality results.

We start by determining a plan of action that includes exactly how you will achieve your goals. A full postural analysis is also done which enables us to evaluate your body positioning and ranges of motion.

By understanding how your body is currently working, we can make quick evaluations to ensure every workout you do is optimised. Decreasing the chance injury and ensuring the goals we set become reality.

Why Paddington Personal Training Programs?

With our personal training programs, you will find your ideal workout partner and motivator that will encourage and inspire you to get the body you deserve.

We design the best custom built personal training programs that take your well-being into consideration. Every minute detail is tailored to your specific needs.

Our aim goes beyond fast weight loss. Our experienced personal trainers fully comprehend the psychology behind losing weight and keeping it off!. For this reason, and many others, we focus on turning you into a lean and healthy individual by working with you to develop and maintain a positive mind-set.

Every personal training session is meticulously planned to present you with a variety of effective exercises that are engaging and worth your precious time and money.

All personal training rates are affordable. Our prices do not compromise the top quality personal training equipment and instructors.

Still  not sure whether a personal training program is right for you? Why not give us a try today and see what our qualified personal trainers can do for you. We will provide more than personal training. We will cater for your needs and fitness goals, and provide the best support system to help you get rapid and life changing results.

Join our Personal Training Program and access all the tools for success!