Get The Fitter & Healthier Body You Deserve With Paddington Personal Trainers Brisbane!

If you have decided to get into shape and shed those extra kilos or you are already involved in a workout routine and need to take it to the next level, Paddington Personal Trainers Brisbane offers you the complete solution to  achieve your health and fitness goals.

 Your Personal Fitness Trainer will begin by finding out exactly what you want to achieve from your new exercise regime; why you want to achieve those goals and then design an action plan based around how to achieve what you desire.

We begin by assessing your posture, this is an obligation free initial consultation (no charge). When we have a greater understanding of your goals and what we need to do to achieve them we can begin to develop a personalised progressive training regime tailor made to your present physical condition that will deliver results in a safe and effective manner.

Even if you are an experienced exerciser, you will reach a point in your workout where you are just not getting any more benefit from the routines that you are doing. Paddington Personal training Brisbane is just the solution you need to get more from your workout and shift those last 5-10kgs that simply will not budge!

A personal trainer is not only great motivation, they will ensure you get the best from every workout. You simply cannot convince the team at Paddington Personal Trainers Brisbane with any excuses. One of the keys to our success in helping our clientele achieve weight loss and physical change is ensuring consistency – which means excuses are not tolerated.

And if you’ve ever felt intimidated or embarrassed by a large gym then you’ve come to the right place. Paddington Personal Trainers Brisbane is a one-on-one, private studio, where you work with your coach in an intimate, personalised environment. Thus eliminating any feelings of discomfort that large facilities or group environments can bring.

A Paddington Personal Trainer is certified and most importantly experienced. Our trainers do not complete 4 week courses and then thrown into the deep end of training clientele. Our trainers deliver there regimes from personal experience, certified experience and additional training. With a combined experience level of more than 18 years you can be assured your Paddington Personal Trainers Brisbane knows what it takes to deliver you the results you desire

Certification means training that prevents injuries and achieves goals. Our ten years of experience and top level certification means you get the most complete initial assessment possible, a complete guide to exercise and diet, achievable goals that have a time frame stamped on them, and most importantly a coach.

Your personal trainer is your coach, guide, and friend. A good friend will not let you fool yourself, your coach won’t allow you to hold back on during your workout. And as your guide we will ensure you are doing the right things every time we do something. Our trainers are available from as early as 5am and right through until 9pm in the evening.

We are ready to provide the progressive challenge you need to meet your goals. However, please remember there is nothing wrong with starting slow and easy, as long as you have a defined step-by-step procedure, and have a definite appearance or weight goal that can be measured and targeted.

Let’s get to work on creating the healthier, fitter, better looking and better feeling you! Call or email us today on 3876 4781 or email to book your complimentary consultation. Paddington Personal Trainers Brisbane will help you get fit!