Jacqui, 42 yrs

“This is a highly quality, personalised training studio for all ages and fitness levels, not one of those shiny, soulless gyms full of 20 somethings. The team are also all great PT’s, but also decent people – friendly, honest and genuinely interested in helping you become the best you can be.”


Anthea, 41 yrs

“I have been with Chris for over 6 years now and I believe he offers the best personal training in Brisbane. He has a results driven method that continues to push me to achieve my goals. The studio is the perfect private space to train, and the one-on-one sessions are customised to my specific needs and level. Without hesitation I would recommend Chris and his team.”


Martene, 30 yrs

“As a physiotherapist I was looking for someone very well educated, highly motivating and specific to correcting my biomechanics, and I found it at Paddington PT. I would recommend them to anybody as I feel totally confident they would be able to rehabilitate and suitably train anybody from a first time exerciser to an elite athlete. Thanks so much guys, I’m getting great results!”


Alex, 26 yrs

“I absolutely LOVE personal training here, I do three sessions per week with Chris. Prior to training with Chris I had extensive trouble with my left shoulder, I saw more change with my shoulder in the first month than I had in 4 years. They are absolutely amazing and focus on getting ever part of your body functioning well!”

Rosie, 58 yrs

“One of the best decisions I have ever made was to train at Paddington PT, I had been to a gym before and didn’t like the crowded atmosphere. Having the small, personal environment suits me well. I have achieved some great results and absolutely love every minute with my trainer. I also work a very demanding job and have limited time, so the sessions work perfect for me as I get a great workout without spending hours doing it..! Would definitely recommend the team to everyone!

Cathy, 39 yrs
“When the product, the service and the team of dedicated trainers exceed your wildest expectations, words seem inadequate. I have had many trainers and cannot fault Balance Personal Training’s approach. Programs were individually designed for ME, I love to be PUSHED and I am never beyond my ability. I have been going to the centre for 8 mths now and am fitter than I have been in years. The staff help me with all my questions regarding training, diet and nothing is ever too much trouble. They are the BEST! I love being part of Balance, a great way to invest in my future health and happiness.”

Lincoln, 28 yrs
Prior to commencing my training with Paddington PT I was knee deep in a very challenging period my life – you could say I had hit rock bottom. But thanks to the guys, I was able to triumph though my adversity and find what I had lost. I found my drive, my passion and my will to succeed. I faced not only the obvious challenge of turning my physical health around but also my mental and spiritual health too. I have reached and surpassed my goals and expectations, all with the support and guidance I believe only a truly top-notch trainer could extract. If you are considering taking on a personal trainer I sincerely encourage you to contact Paddington Personal Training.
Lincoln Hanson

Paula, 42 years
Shortly after moving to Brisbane I began searching for a Personal Training Studio where I could do strength training and overall toning. After an initial consultation with owner Chris Williams, where we discussed my goals, the metabolic testing was performed, I was provided the tools in booklet form to understand how to achieve success through meal and exercise planning. Coupled with the weekly sessions, I quickly began to see the real results and realised Paddington Personal Training was the perfect fit for me. Sixteen months later I feel that I am stronger and more toned than when I began training with Chris and have much more knowledge on how to continue being the best that I can be; and I feel terrific!