Fat Elimination Cycle Overview

bundle__01_web_readyThe 4 Stage Fat Elimination Cycle was developed around the principles of fat storage and fat metabolism. The Cycle uses your body’s natural hormone known as hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and real food to isolate and rid the cells of toxic, stubborn fat and reset your system to support you on your path to optimal health and vitality. Whilst following the system you will also be educated on the different types of fat that are used by the body, how and why it is stored and then how to safely and quickly eliminate it, restoring you to your natural weight.

How it works

Using the principles of fat storage and fat metabolism, the 4 Stage Fat Elimination Cycle uses real food with hCG support drops to reduce the body’s abnormal fat reserves whilst maintaining its structural and reserve fats. The abnormal fat reserves include the hips, thighs, stomach areas. The areas the program will maintain fat is around the organs, the bones and the fat that is converted to energy to maintain hormonal balance and mental clarity.

Not only does the program help you with any stubborn stored fat, it will also change your body’s reaction to Leptin – the master hormone for appetite, fat deposits, sugar cravings, fertility you’re your metabolism. During and after the cycle you will also learn what foods are causing an inflammatory response which can cause an array of diseases that slowly creep up and cause ill health.

What to expect

The program has been divided in four stages with each stage clear and concise to help you gain the best results possible. Included in the program will be a complete information booklet, a detailed food list of what you can eat and a recipe booklet to ensure you can easily keep on track at every meal. With each of the four stages clear and concise the program is made to be easy to follow.

With hCG circulating in your system, it has the ability to re-direct your body to use its stored fat reserves to meet its daily energy and nutritional requirements. By acting in this way, you also do not feel the hunger that would result if you only restricted your calorie intake.

The hCG Diet is made up of controlled daily servings of protein, complex carbohydrate, fruit and vegetables. Because of the way your body works, when hCG is in circulation (except during the pre-loading days), you must avoid all fats and oils–even those that you may normally apply to the skin.

Full dietary information is provided at the commencement of your program, as well as recipes and hints and tips to ensure you do not feel deprived. Throughout the 21 day program your body will change its biochemistry and as a result your cravings, satiety, wants, needs and love for different foods will change too. It will of course be challenging – to succeed you will need discipline and organisation is also essential.


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