“Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

Our Ultimate Obstacle Course training sessions will test you both physically and mentally. The training is designed to help those with basic and intermediate levels of fitness complete the different Events and Challenges that Brisbane has to offer (Like Tough Mudder, Spartan, etc).

Sessions combine resistance training with high-intensity cardiovascular exercise, we push you to your limit to prepare you for the upcomin
g challenges you’ll face. The program is entirely flexible and will be tailored to your level of fitness.

We train every Saturday at 7am & 8am and are focused on the following upcoming events:

  • True Grit – 12th or 13th July 2014
  • Tough Mudder – 16th or 17th August 2014
  • Spartan – 6th Sept 2014

Whether this is your first event or you are a regular participant, The Ultimate Obstacle Preparation training sessions will ensure you are 100% prepared to take on any challenge thrown your way!

Getting started:

The classes are $20 per session and to get started either call us direct on 3876 4781 or email chris@paddingtonpt.com.au for further information.