You must develop the mindset, spirit and the physical conditioning needed to survive the chaos and the unpredictability of life as a warrior. Training like a warrior means taking on the challenge of working hard. Pushing your own body to its limits. These limits are individual and by doing this you will discover both mentally and physically your inner warrior.

When you accomplish something that seemed impossible at first, it changes you. The more you do that, the “stronger” you become as a warrior, both inside and out. You develop the true warrior spirit in these moments.

The training methods should be integrated, functional and in many aspects, primitive. Everyone that has experienced this type of training has found something that “spoke”‘ to their inner warrior.

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So are you a warrior? Are you ready to walk through life like a warrior? Are you ready to go through the tough training that it takes? If so, I wish you luck and success on your journey. It will afford you a life time of happiness and pride.

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