Warriors embody qualities of strength, courage and determination. Warriors see life in terms of rising to challenges. There are causes to serve, struggles to overcome and battles to be won both mentally and physically. They like to be on the front line with their trusted comrades, and strongly value both courage and loyalty.

A true warrior is someone that stands by his/her principles and beliefs. It is someone that is committed to conquering his/her fears and self-limiting beliefs. A firefighter will go into a burning building, save a family, and then say “it was nothing”. A police officer will put his/her life on the line every day without giving it a second thought. Parents that do anything they can to help their children live a better life are warriors. Anyone regardless of profession can be one. It is a mindset.

Living like a warrior means conquering yourself. Being a master of yourself. Being a master of your own destiny and taking responsibility for it. Period.

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